April 29, 2013

& you are?

We are:

Missy,  a 20 year old University student new to DIY
& likes to make pretty sparkly things & wants
to own her own boutique one day!


DeniseAngela her mom (iSew) who likes
to sew her own skirts & dresses!

This blog is to share our
sewing projects &
sweet boutique dreams!
We both have had other blogs on Tumblr & blogspot
 but this is the first one we are working
 on together as fun project.
Oh & I needed to make a blog for
one of my university courses
 for a credit!  So since my mom has a blog
I asked her to contribute to this one.

We thought we would just jump into the deep end
by participating in


& to inspire us!

Oh & we will be doing all of our sewing on this beauty:

a vintage Singer Featherweight 221-1 sewing machine!


my middle daughter wants in on the fun & will
be our sometimes photographer & computer whiz!

So happy you came by our new blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi and Welcome,
Can't wait to see your delicious makes!

Liz said...

That is a beautiful sewing machine!